i want to scrap my car

If you have decided ‘I want to scrap my car,’ the next question you have is quite simple: where do you go?

With our service, you can easily get your car scrapped. We have a scrap yard in Surrey that you can use to get your car scrapped ASAP. However, we also can support anyone looking to scrap their vehicle in London. Simply call us to our Surrey yard and we can make sure you get the scrap valuation that you deserve.

We have a fine range of different yards to come and check out. For example, if you are wondering ‘how can I scrap my van in London?’ then you can call us. We take vans, cars, and other standard vehicles. We can then quickly arrange a scrapping process so you can get the vehicle scrapped, paid for, and dealt with by our team.

If you need someone who can help you to scrap a car in Surrey, we can assist here as well. You simply need to get in touch with us and let us know what kind of car you want to scrap. We can then give you a rough price estimate there and then. Once we see the vehicle and the wider condition, we can offer a revised price to fit the needs that you have in mind.

The end result, though, will always be the same. If you have been asking friends ‘how can I scrap my car in London without losing money?’ then call and speak to us. We will offer you the best price for the fairest scrap rate that we can offer.

Whatever the best deal that we can do for you, we will make sure you are given that deal ASAP. Contact our scrap yards in Surrey and London today for the best scrap price and timelines available in the capital today.

why choose us

We are transparent

Everything that we provide you with in terms of the price and the rates is the best rate we can provide.

We are experienced

Our scrap valuation team have an understanding of the current prices for car scrap in London today.

We are ethical

We only scrap vehicles that we know can be proven to be in your ownership, avoiding any scam issues.

Fast Sameday Collection

Our team is always responsive. The day we get call we reach to our client for further enquiry and agreement.

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