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We are transparent

There is nothing to worry about when using our service. Everything we provide is our best rate, with nothing hidden or disguised.

We are experienced

Our team has immense experience valuing scrap cars; the price we offer you comes from years of analysis and expertise

We are ethical

We only scrap vehicles that can be 100% proven to be in your ownership; this helps to ensure that what we scrap is genuine and honestly owned.

Fast Sameday Collection

Call us today for your scrap car in Hounslow, and we can come out and collect the car for scrap all within the same day that you have called us

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How can I scrap my car in Hounslow?

The easiest way to scrap your car is to come to our yard. We have a car scrap yard near Hounslow, so you can easily reach us. Simply come down via public transport or contact us at 07796 236031. Tell us more about your vehicle. We will look for basic details about your car to determine what kind of scrap value it holds. Then, we will look to see visible proof that you are the owner of this vehicle.

Once we understand what kind of vehicle you have, we can devise a suitable arrangement to have it lifted and removed. We take our time to analyse the car, but we can provide a same-day response. If you want to have your car scrapped, you can rely upon us to complete the job promptly. The longer you let your car sit waiting to be scrapped, the less it might become worth.

So, reach out to our Scrap Car in Hounslow, and we can give you a whole idea of what kind of price we offer. As reputed car dealers in Hounslow, you can trust that we will provide you with the best price for the fairest rate. We look to find a price that benefits everyone, so if you want a transparent scrap price come and see us.

We know that scrapping your car can be a tough decision. There is often much to think about, and it can be tough to make the call. You want to get the best price regardless, though. This is why we focus on ensuring you get a rate that we feel is authentic. With an extensive database of vehicles, we have a history of scrapping just about every brand; therefore, we can give you a list with historical precedent.

This gives you confidence that our price for your scrap car will be as reasonable as possible. We will provide you with our price and then give you ample time to consider your decision. Simply get back in touch when you know what you want to do. We can then arrange how to get your vehicle to our Scrap Car in Hounslow so that we can begin the process of scrapping it together.

I want to scrap my car – what do I do?

The first thing that you need to do is speak with our team about your car. You can contact us by phone or come down in person. At this point, we will look for precise details about the car.

We need to know what we are scrapping, and we have to know that you are the valid owner of the vehicle. Once we can establish these details, though, we can work on having your car scrapped. We use a tried and tested process to help us quickly analyse and scrap cars in Hounslow. We have focused on keeping the process quick and straightforward to ensure you can get the best deal in the shortest time.

Contact us with car type

First off, get in touch with our team about your car. You can bring it with you (if it moves), or you can simply take some photos and details for us. Contact us with the information, and give us details about the car, such as make, model, and condition. You also need to provide us with clear proof of ownership.

Get a price evaluation

Once you prove that you own the car, we can look for your vehicle in our comprehensive database. Given our expertise as car dealers in Hounslow, we know that a car is worth at the market and/or as scrap. This lets us give you the fairest price based on the materials that make up your vehicle.

Accept the deal, get paid

Once we have come up with a price, we will provide you with all the price details. If you are happy with the price, then you can accept. If you accept, we can have your car picked up and brought to our scrap yard to be dealt with. If you do not accept, no hard feelings, and we will wish you the best of luck in future.

Our Working Process

Request A Quote

Send us the relevant details of your vehicle for evaluation.

Agree to the Deal

You agree to the qoute and we arrange collection.

Get Paid For Scrap

We come and collect your vehicle and you get paid instantly!